Engagement shoot with EggBenedictChan

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hello you!

We had a casual shoot with our actual day wedding photographer, Benedict from EggBenedictChan Photography last week! 

I think it's pretty awesome that he included a 60min casual engagement shoot session with the couple so on the actual day of the wedding we've already warm up to him and there's already that rapport there so we won't be all "awkward child" around him for better photos on the actual day!  (:

Just wanted a simple casual one so we did it at punggol end just 5 mins away from our place hahaha yeah i know right lazy to the max! Initially we wanted to shoot at the waterway nearby our future apartment, but realized that there's too much construction going on at that portion of the waterway and it probably will not look nice so we quickly switched location to punggol end instead.

I wanted something to hold during the shoot but I didn't want to spend too much and i wanted to try my hand at doing my own arrangement anyway. So when we past by a supermarket the other day at vivocity, I chose 3 types of fresh flowers and I did my first simple floral arrangement for an arm sheaf bouquet on my own and honestly, I'm quite proud of it! haha *shameless* 

Got my nails done at Milly's with my manicurist Chloe for this shoot + my 2nd pre-wedding shoot in Taichung with Gary Chiu Photography next week! It's been way too long since i last did any nail art.

Seriously I loooooooove her! I always have this annoying problem of not being able to pick my nail colors and i always dump this responsibility to her and she always manage to give me the perfect end result. (:

So cute I wanna nibble it off!

Far East Plaza: 67376723
Bugis Village: 63384137
SMS/Call: 83835395

For the actual shoot itself, Benedict was super fun to work with! So good with directing us throughout the shoot to bring out the feel he was looking out too even thought half the time Leon was doing his silly ass crap to make me crack up when we're suppose to be in that romantic feel and all. BAD BOY! *smack* 

Here's a sneak peek and I'll show more for sure as soon as I get my hands on them!
I can't wait to see more! We saw a couple shots on Benedict's camera, omg the natural light and all, totally sick, love it! 

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

OOTD + Giveaway: #SlimmerForSummer with London Weight Management

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

YAY THE WEEKENDS! It was sunday and I have a date with the fiancé at Quayside isle (mmmm.. yummy tapas at Sabio By The Sea) It's a hot day out so I didn't want to bother with accessories so my best bet is a light airy printed dress and I curl + styled my hair for a more made up and not too casual look!
Outfit of the Day: Polka Dot All over Ribbon Dress from ASOS | Black ribbon pumps from Zalora
Confidence is key. But it takes effort to work that confidence, girl. 
Less is always more. Especially this time of the year with an average high of 31 degrees. This is probably when I really wish I'm a guy, then I can just walk around half naked (with a good body of course). *Snap!* Okay, back to reality.
Hitting the beach sure seems like a great plan. Girls, at least we have bikinis. Let's work that look. BUT if you are concerned about dressing less and showing more, and exercising doesn't get your motivation through, you don't have to worry no more.
London Weight Management is giving away 6 x Slimming Treatment + 1 Retail-Sized Trim Fluid to my lucky readers here (so if you are reading this, you are in luck).

To join this giveaway, all you have to do is fill in your deets here:

PS: It is proven that their treatments guarantee a lost of up to 2kg and about 8-22cm in just 1 session! It'll be a great way to streamline your summer blues, literally. Definitely gives you more reasons to look forward to your summer break (though it's summer all year round in this tiny island). 

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

L+F Wedding: Will you be my bridesmaid(s)? | Bridesmaid's dress fitting with Club Couture.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Met up with nadnut, Shirley and Gwennie for a bridesmaid dresses fitting session, 
Carrie is overseas so I'm meeting her next week for hers!

My bridesmaid dresses are designed by myself and my lovely bridesmaids, it's going to be tailor-made by Clubcouture and it will be made available at (not sure when thou) and it will be named after yours truly! Haha how honoured and incredibly fun too!

The design of the bridesmaid dresses: 

The top part will be a slightly ruched sweet heart neckline and off shoulder straps but the straps should be slightly loose, then after the waistline, it will flare out like a peplum top, where they can wear this as a top for the morning gatecrash (we're going to tekan the boys jialat jialat so the girls gotta be mobile! haha)

And there will be a separate piece of knee length pencil skirt, and they can wear it for the rooftop poolside wedding solemnization.

Cannot wait to see the sample piece!

After our fitting session, we went to this japanese restaurant at Mirama Hotel for food and i presented the girls with a bunch of daisies each and baked them rolled sugar cookies with their names and this!

Somehow seeing these little cuties makes my day a little brighter!

Thank you girls for saying YES to be there for #FideLeonWedding come November, 
I'll promise to not be a bridezilla! :D

Photography by Yikeshu.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Not #MysteryMakan dinner with #MysteryMakan girls: Yoogane

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Met up with the #MysteryMakan girls, nadnut, Esther, Jacelyn for a casual dinner last week to go try Yoogane after work. Jacelyn still waiting for your #MysteryMakan don't forget hor!!! LOL

It's been so long since we last met up, was it really during nadnut's wedding? No wonder we were chatting and chatting non stop haha too much to say to each other, too little time!

Queued for about 40mins, normally I don't bother queuing for food since good food is like around every corner you turn to in Singapore, so queue for what! But with girlfriends chit chatting and catching up while queuing- not too bad!

We made our order while we were in the queue and once we're seated everything came pretty quickly!

Raaaaah nadnut not happy about cooking for us hahaha 
In the end we got the yoogane dude to cook for us so we don't have to worry about eating half cooked crap haha

Mmmm this kimchi chicken rice thing is pretty delicious! + Cheese = LEVEL UP!!!

Seafood pancake, super yummy!

Not sure what is this, lol it's not bad but i simply wasn't a huge of a fan of this since it kinda neither here nor there!

Yoogane Singapore 
200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #02-47/4 Singapore 188021
6337 7337

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Picture perfect hair for my pre-wedding photoshoot at Shunji Matsuo Holland Village

Thursday, June 05, 2014

1.5 weeks before the pre-wedding photoshoot, I went to Shunji Matsuo Holland Village to look for my stylist Isabel for my hair coloring + treatment, hair gotta look gorgeous for the shoot!
Had a little hiccup with my appointment but Isabel was sooooo nice about it and even had to stay back later to attend to me, feel so bad about it! Luckily I bought some cheesecake from gastro... for her haha if not she'll kill me for starving her lol just kidddddding

Picked my hair dye colour, I wanted to do the same shiseido color in the shade of baby pink brown that Isabel  did for me more than 2 months back as it fades really beautifully even 2 months later it still looks like this! Although from this picture you can't tell but I had like about 1 inch of black roots growing out which was not in the shot, but overall it still looks pretty decent and glossy right? (:

Love that this hair color gives the really glossy effect too so it doesn't look as dry and damaged, and you know how a lot of hair dyes makes your scalp really itchy and painful? This one totally doesn't! There's simply a minty chilly feeling, zero painful scalp whatsoever!

Prior to the hair coloring Isabel told me she was doing the Sherpa treatment ($144.86 before discount + gst for long hair like mine) for me, she applied a mist followed by a conditioning milk before any chemicals comes in contact with my hair, this 2 steps would help prevent further damage from the chemicals! After Isabel washed off the hair dye, she applied a buffer oil to remove the excess chemical and to balance the ph level once again!

Waaaaaah they use this shiseido shampoo here and the floral smell is sooooo soooo amazing! If I use this at home everyday I don't need to get things done already, all I wanna do will be to sniff my hair all day long. Leon too ok! Since forever be always sniff the top of my head and take these huge sniffs and say every sniff gives him every 5 mins of life lol corny but I love it hehehe :D

Last step of the Sherpa treatment is a deep penetrating mask! Isabel was so sweet and 贴心 and she got me a warm towel for my neck so i doesn't just lean on the cool hard hair wash basin, hate how it feels so cold when you lie there! She did a hair steam to allow the treatment to further penetrate into hair follicle.

The end product, smooth and super soft hair, I can't remember the last time my hair feels so smooth! It's been dry and frizzy for so long. (:

 I was really happy with the color done by Isabel at Shunji Matsuo and also, my pre-wedding MUA Rosalyn who styled my hair so fabulously (will be talking about it in mypre-wedding shoot post!)

For TheLuckiestChick readers, if you're looking to get your hair done, there's a 15% off Chemical services expect for colour (from Monday - Thursdays), 10% off on Friday to Sundays when you quote "FIDELIS" at Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, Holland Village!

Hair Salon @ H.V.
245A Holland Avenue,
Singapore 278978
Contact them at: 6762 6088
LIKE them on Facebook
and find them on instagram too! @shunjimatsuo

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Felicia's Bridal Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Larkhill Terrace!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

My auntie is finally getting hitched! 

Hahaha ok when people hear my say i'm gonna be having my auntie's bridal shower, i'm going to be my auntie's bridesmaid, i tend to get the "raised brows, ??? question marks" look.

Anyway it's my auntie, Felicia who is of the same age as me! In fact i was born 2 wee days before her! haha feeling so happy for her that everything is just going well and she's happy and all. 

We booked a room at the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Larkhill Terrace. 

It was suppose to be Felicia and us 9 bridesmaid hanging out for the day, but somehow some of them couldn't make it and it ended up being felicia, Shirley, Eliza, Bee and myself. It was just kinda weird with the sudden change of plans since we decided to book the place like weeks before. 0.0

As much as the place was pretty darn gorgeous, I don't think i'm going to EVER return back to Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Larkhill Terrace. Can you imagine when we open the room door, there were literally dozen of mosqitos just buzzing around lazily like nobody's business and just waiting to suck all our blood dry!!! What the shit!

We requested for mosqito coils from the frontdesk which helped a little i guess, but even with the mosquito coils and mosquito patches on us (thankfully for Eliza who brought it) we still got stung, the whole damn room smells SO smokey and terrible it gave me a headache the entire night. 

Certainly not my best night sleep obviously, I was so worried that i'll get stung on my face or body cos the very next week was my pre-wedding photoshoot and somehow whenever i get mosquito bites, for me it gets really big and all swollen and in that shade of angry red that is not pretty at all.

You know when you get bitten by a mozzie very quickly it will die down and be gone after awhile? There was one time i got bitten at my office and a small part of my arm swell up like the size of a little golf ball and i had a fever and all that, and after that time everytime i get bitten by mozzies i have this weird persistant red swell. ):

Anyway, enough of the bad and stupid mozzie infestation problem, the good part of this place is that it's really beautiful! There's a shower but here's the outdoors bathtub and daybed area with pool access! Love love love pool access rooms. :D

Ahhhh, every weekend should be like this. With my Shirley darling! (:

Dip in the pool with our chilled beers, yummy!

3 girls showering and prepping for dinner = 2 hours
I swear my braces is making my used to be non-existent one-sided dimple slightly more visible! Hahaha

Drove over the Quayside Isle to have dinner with our gorgeous bride to be and back to the room when we were playing some very mild "naughty" games with the bride! Hahahah basically bullying her la hahaha we were laughing so loud we got complained by some other occupants of the terrace. 

Meh, stupid place with bad sound proofing. After that we went to the daybed area to relax and enjoy some yummy moscato and talk rubbish and the other occupants were being noisy taking a night swim so we complained about them to the frontdesk too hahahah right back at ya bitches! (i know.. we're so childish)

After a super uncomfy smelly smokey night in our mozzie infested room, i slept like a grand total of 4 hours i think, got stung on my face and arm so I woke up early and went for a loooooooong dip in the pool.

Gorgeous place but.. they really gotta do something about the mosquito problem man.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick